Occy Versus Voodoo

Posted: February 21, 2012 at 6:40 pm

This arvo at Vooey was massive. It looked 8 to 10 feet from shore when Occy paddled out. He made it almost out the back when the horizon went dark. Smurf had just walked all the way out along the beach from Cronulla Point with his board tucked under his arm and as we watched this humongous set caught Occy inside. My guess it had to be 12ft or more. He got pumped by the first wave which snapped his legrope. He then copped around 5 more set waves  on the head and was washed towards the bend. For a while it was pretty sketchy. His board had disappeared  and Occy was heading out to sea in the rip towards the reefs. Luckily he braved it and made a dash towards the rocky shoreline past the bend. If another set like that last one hit he would have been history as he scrambled to safety. Its the biggest waves I had ever seen at Voodoo. I didn’t get any photos of the set, only the aftermath. That’s Occy and another surfer after surviving a good old Vooey beat down…Words and photo Chris Stroh early to mid 80’s.


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