Roach Approach

Posted: August 18, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Wayne Roach is one of the evergreens of Cronulla surfing. Roachy has been around that long he’s part of the furniture, even though he works in Torquay these days he’s still a Cronulla boy through to the core. Roachy has many tales to tell like this snippet from a recent email. ” I went to Gisbourne 1973 Mum gave me the air fair for my 21st, got a lot of the spots on I was doing a lot of surfing with Mick Peterson at the time he shaped me a filthy stick at Southern Comfort 4the trip to NZ. The board was ahead of its time I glassed it so light the Kiwi’s went burko over it, still got the template”.  This pic Roachy at Jan Juc 2006.