May 1979. Cronulla’s “Observer” newspaper.

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May 1979. Cronulla’s “Observer” newspaper. The final edition of the local newspaper and when you could buy vacant land in Cronulla for $37000, a 2 b/r unit for $46950, a home for $67000 and you could rent a unit in South Cronulla for $79 per week. Tim Vanderlaan collection.


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Jac and Brad

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Late 1980’s. Grommet carnage in the Wanda Carpark. Jac Tehan & Brad W find a use for a battered board in this Tim Vanderlaan Photo. Footnote: The board belonged to Bruce Toby. It flew off the roof of his car heading south near Engadine in a strong westerly. Murphy’s law and the board flies over the fence onto the train tracks and into the path of a northbound coal train.

brad & jac

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Dane Wilson

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June 1995.  Dane Wilson.  One of the surfing stars featured in the Chris Bystrom’s Longboard videos of the 1990’s, “Living Long” & “Skateboarding’s not a crime”.   Tim Vanderlaan Photos.


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Richard Dog Marsh living the life in the 80’s as a Pro Surfer. Fluros , gloves and lots of attitude.Photo Chris Stroh



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Elouera Beach

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The summer of 1975/76. Elouera Beach. The “surf reel” makes a great seat for this girl wearing a woollen crocheted bikini. The “surf reel” invented by Australian surf lifesavers in the early 1900’s was the main lifesaving apparatus used on every beach up and down the coast for nearly a century, and now both the reel and the woollen crocheted bikini are obsolete. Tim Vanderlaan photo.


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Jim Banks

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Jim Banks back when he was shaping at G&S in the 70s


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Summer ’76

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Summer 1976 . Danny Thompson surfing Cronulla Point. By then “Legrope companies” had incorporated stretchy rubber around the “rope,” but had yet to invent the rail saver. Tim Vanderlaan Photos


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The Surfoplane,was a blow up rubber device to catch waves you could hire them at most City beaches from the 30s to the 60s. For a few bob you could hire them out the front of North Cronulla Surf Club in the 50s.



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Early 1980’s. Cronulla Point. “Spike” James in competition mode at Cronulla Point. Tim Vanderlaan Photo.


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1969 Jackson Stringerless

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1969 Jackson stringerless.

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