Boogs And Square.

Posted: October 13, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Early 90’s Craig Stroh produced a short film featuring Shark Island called Square. It featured this unbelievable backside pit of Boogs pig dogging a monster cave at The Point. The footage was shot by Jamin Mclean who had to be rescued a short time later after getting caught in the rip that was running like Niagara Falls across the rocks. The frame grabs are part of Boogs wild ride. As for Square it came out on VHS and can only be found on junk heaps and cleanups or covered in dust in the back of cupboards. Footage from all the old Stroh vids of the 90’s will become available again in the near future on this site and the new Cronulla DVD coming called “2′ will include some retro footage as well.

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