Tim Vanderlaan Camera Board 80’s

Posted: February 8, 2013 at 8:26 am

Tim Vanderlaan is well known around Cronulla for his innovative camera skills and ability on a Mal. Tim began experimenting with homemade camera board built housings in the 80’s here he explains the process.’

“My early 1980’s board cam attempts (pre go pro days) A heavy camera with motor drive, in a even bigger water housing & bolted to the nose of the board, activated by a wire running the length of the board, coiled around the leggie, thro my wettie into a switch in my hand… most times the wire would break as the wire wouldn’t stretch enough with the leg rope resulting in an electrical “short”, a wasted roll of film and being continually zapped by the broken “shorted” wire all the way back to the beach”. Below 2 self portraits using the camera board.



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