Chris Iredale

Posted: December 8, 2010 at 2:44 pm

Longtime Cronulla Lifeguard Chris Iredale has spent more time on Cronulla Beach than probably anyone else. He’s witnessed almost every classic swell and always managed to get a surf in while on duty. I remember getting caught inside at Voodoo and loosing the mat I used to shoot photos from which was now heading out to the reefs. He paddled out and got it and booked it in as a surf rescue to help justify why he was out Voodoo in the first place during work hours. In the early ’90s Surfing Life mag asked a bunch of people in the know who was ripping the most at SI. Chris was the most popular vote due to his no guts no glory smooth style approach. Below Chris toying with the Island Chris Stroh Circa 86-87.

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