Wanda “Bad Boys”

Posted: January 28, 2012 at 11:01 am

Craig “Wally” Mackay was part of a group of guys called “The Bay Boys” ( about 15 of them ), who lived in and around Kogarah Bay and surfed Wanda and Greenhills  EVERY weekend from 1974 to 78. Like most kids who were too young to drive Wally and his mates  would get to the beach anyway possible on weekend’s either by lift with a mates parents, or catch a bus to Hurstville railway station, then train to Cronulla and walk to Wanda surfboard, surf mat, and “dagbag” in hand (that’s a long walk).  Best thing about Cronulla train line from the City was if you fell asleep you’d just wake up in Cronulla . The photo taken in 1977  was of Craig ( 17 years old) standing at Greenhills with his G & S ‘tubeshooter” fish tail stinger shaped by Peter Townend. Bought new from G & S factory at Caringbah.


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