Voodoo Chill

Posted: March 16, 2012 at 8:14 pm

Back in the 70’s my mates and I discovered Voodoo after Brian Pringle took a bunch of us grommets in his car out to this mysterious left that Mr P said was a piece of cake. He ended  up having to rescue most of us. Undetermined we kept at it and as anyone knows when you surf this reef your going to get hammered at one time or another. Getting caught inside by those sneaky sets or wiping out on the triple suck. My worst wipeout or so I thought was when I was caught inside on a size able day. When the sets hit I tried to paddle for the horizon but my board stood motionless as the water drained off the reef it felt like I was going backwards as the rocks below began to stick out. As the first wave of the set jacked. My immediate thought was I’m dead. As the wave pitched I managed  to dive into the trough right under it waiting for the inevitable. Instead I popped out the back like it was a two foot shorey. Ive never felt more relieved. Still copped the rest of the set though and got washed almost to the Reefs. The photo below is typical of what I’m talking about. Unknown about to go over, good luck ….Words and  photos Chris Stroh. Image late 70’s.

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