Pre-Christian Surfers House.

Posted: June 25, 2013 at 7:51 pm

Regarding the house pictured below on the
corner across from The Workers Club
that became the 'Christian Surfers House'
on the corner of the Kingsway & Gerrale St,
(now Rydges) here's  a little bit of further history. 

     It was occupied by the Odd family (Gerald,
his girlfriend Kathy James, sister Debbie, brother
 Doug, father Frank & me, an ex-St.Peters boy!) prior
to becoming the Christians hangout! Gerald was a 
well known surfer around Cronulla & was going around
with Yvonne Van Hoorn,(now Tozzi) him 5'2, her 6', 
Kathy made crotchered bikinis (for Max Garling)in 
the front curved glass sunroom, & I ended up 
marrying Debbie & building a house in the
new suburb of Bangor, as couldn't afford to buy
 in Cronulla. Geoff 'Soleman' Solness, shaped & 
glassed his 'Shark Island Design' boards 
in the detached garage, fronting Gerrale. 

     Yvonne, (mother of Tahina and Cheyenne Tozzi)
ran a chicks shop in main street near 'Street Farm',
called 'Hers & Mine',which Debbie worked at! 
The house eventually was vacated for the 
Christian guys & became known as their hangout 
for many years after!!! Info from Peter Trevena.

Posted in 70's