Bob Barker

Posted: January 13, 2013 at 7:32 am

Cronulla has produced a fine list of surf photographers over the years. In the 6o’s it was Jack Eden and Bob Weeks who first shone the light on the southside. When Surfabout magazine went out of¬†print Cronulla suffered a real lack of exposure for many years as the¬†other surf mags were based solely on the northside and rarely ventured south of the Harbour Bridge. Southside surfers and waves were being ignored. By the mid 70’s things changed when Steve Core, Peter Simons, Dave Shaw, Greg Button, Peter Solness and Bob Barker began taking advantage of Cronullas growing talent and incredible reefs. Talented waterman Bob Barker had a taste for deep contrasty watershots like this tubular Shark Island barrel that appeared in Surfing World Photo Annual No4.

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