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Posted: July 28, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Golden Memories of the first surfboards in the early days at Cronulla  by pioneer surfer Raymond Greenway.

           Late in 1956, in conjunction with the Melbourne Olympic Games, a team of American lifeguards showed their skills and balsa boards around our beaches.They surfed here at Cronulla beach, and I heard some one say “hey they are riding across the wave “. The Yanks left their boards at our Club to check out. Balsa was not available in OZ at the time, so the race to import balsa was on, and the winner of this race was Roger Kieron out Manly way. Mr Duck had the market, and got a lot of publicity, showing many coloured boards in local mags. The first guy to get a balsa in Cronulla was Dick O”Donnell. He took me out to pick it up from Roger. It was not my fancy, so I waited for others to produce the goods. My first balsa was made by Bill Wallace at Bronte in winter 57.I was only 16 at the time,so a train and a tram to Bronte to get my board. Bill gave me a lift to Bondi in his blue jag, with doors that opened from the front. when we got there Bill said”see that guy thats BLuey Mayes. dont get in his way “So I didnt. Anyhow, I got some surf in while I waited for my Dad to finnish golf at Cronulla and get me. 

  Foam boards… In the winter of 59, Hitcho and Dags were on Greenmount Beach, picture this, the only guy there was  Joe Larkin. Came up from Sydney with 2 guys from Maroubra, who were riding Joe’s new foams. Hitcho and I were on balsa made by Cansdell. A bit of chatting ,and we were having our first waves on foams. We were stoked. About this time Jack Eden turned up at Cronulla. Jack used to surf at Bondi where Scott Dillon was surfing and making boards. Jack said he could get a discounted boards for us from Scott.  My first foamy was a Scott Dillon. There was a lot of foam trouble in those days and Scott finished his boards in white, to reflect the sun and keep the foam cool. It worked. Recently a pioneers night was held at the Goldie Surf Museum. I was really pleased to know my heroes were alive and kicking………dags

Above Ray “Dags”Greenaway Wanda Beach Easter ’62 photo Jack Eden.

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