Norm Casey and Steve Core

Posted: January 13, 2013 at 7:08 am

Steve Core remembers his early days…..”Kogarah High School. Established 1920. I graduated from there in 1964 – so almost 50 years ago. Brings back some interesting old memories of my early St.George roots in the ’60s when I was in my early teens. This is where I was first introduced to surfing by school mates when we were inspired by the original ‘surf boom’ of the eary sixties and ‘Beach Boys’ music. We used to catch the train from Kogarah to Cronulla to go surfing in the early ’60s and leave our boards at the Cronulla Stor-A-Board for .40¢ a week. I had my first job after school in 1963 working at the Norm Casey Surf Shop on the Princes Highway in Rockdale – about 2Ks away”. Below Norm Caseys Rockdale store logo.


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