Mystery Surfer 60’s

Posted: August 5, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Heres one from Dags for the Sixty crew, a bit of a game “can you name that surfer”.
We had a mate with troublinG Bladder ,but first we must set the scene !!! we used to drink at the was about 150 metres down hill to our sleepinG Bunks in the board friday nights we would be drinkinG Beer , mostly with the Jannali boys , hitcho, daisy,bernie frankie ,and dags and birdshit. now every now and then one would be missinG But would be back shortly. dags ask wheres daisy and they would say gone to confession. so these strange confessinG Buggers would amuse dags was not R.C. and did not one for hocus pokus. and these were the surfinB Buds who found $3 shagginG Brothel in darlinghurst,now i know  you know who this is!!,of course the story is not over,,
10 pm closinG Bar bit early for us ,so we took a walk thru town and then down to surfinG Board shed. we looked around and noticed missinG Budie. some ratbaG Bludger said maybe the cops would know where our mate with troublinG Bladder. was. so trottinG Back up town to the cop shop.!! wellthe cop said yeah we got your surfinG Brother and he is stayinG Behind bars tonight and if you anoyinG Bastards dont piss off,you ill be goinG Behind bars.too!!!so we went back to surfinG Board shed and did not see our mate till sat !!!so know he has to tell us about his adventure.!!he said he was bustinG Balls for a leak, and he was in the park having a pee against a tree , so these effinG Bastards in plain clothes ,each grabbed hin by elbows lifting and said ” watcha doinG Bodgie “.  i am having a piss our mate said ,whats the effinG B usiness of yours ?? well, they said ,were the fuzzinG Bastards and youl come awltzinG Bad boy with me !!!!well this story has to end somewhere so i really hope you found enough clues to i.d. or mate with the worryinG Bladder and if you failed i can only say   DUH !!!dags over and out

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