Jack Eden.

Posted: June 19, 2011 at 2:29 pm


 A few tales about legendary surf photographer Jack Eden……Jack lives at Ramsgate,and started surfing at Bondi,before invading our territory. we were not keen on Jack, because he a noisy bugger on a wave,shouting ,yahooing etc .he was riding a board that had  a sharp turn up in the nose,much like a “pixie slipper “.so the nick name i gave him was “Pixie” ( still is ).it didnt take long for Jack to make it with the locals. he was always noisy out the back. when The Point was on,and a big set was on the way, he would yell ” save the women and children ! no f… them ,save yourselves.!! Jack was the first guy i saw do a floater at the point. he slid into the water, pushed a poop out, and it floated, and as he tried to get back on his board ,the thing was floating up his back. around this time,two of his brothers billy (flaps ) and tony (cuppies ) were surfing with us too . Jacks youngest bro Harry played presidents cup for St George.the captain was Ivan Henjak.(boo Broncos ). so during winter we would surf the morning,then go out to the football. i would go with “cheeks”. in those days you would get 4 games in an afternoon. also the game of the day was at SCG. so we would park in dowling st opp the Bat and Ball,sink a couple and walk thru the park, grab a couple of hot dogs,then up in the stands, and cheer on the Saints. the Eden boys could make a lot of noise. so when i was living at Coolum, i used to go to Noosa festival of surfing, and check out the prog to see anyone i knew ( yes i looked for you doug ) and Jacks name was there, so i found him and he didnt know me. i gave him some clues,no go, and then he said “wots my nickname ?”too easy jack Pixie,after all i named you !! just call me al (alzheimers ) he said.not long ago Birdshit said he was not well,after all he would be 80 this year……From the Ray Greenaway memory bank. Photo above Jacks magazine Surfabout 1962 edition.

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