Classic Surf Tales.

Posted: August 1, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Here’s a few more classic memories from back in the early days in Cronulla……..I have had a couple of memorable journeys in Gary Birsalls alias Birdshits first car , a Morris *8/40. One trip we went down Bulli pass to go surfing. but his gutless car would not take all of us back.S o Hitcho and I  hitched a ride to the top and waited for him. another time we were going from Cronulla to Garie Beach, thru the Nat Park, on a hot summer day. His car had an electric fuel pump, and it kept heating up,and burning the fuel before it got to the carbie. The car would stop, and we had to piss on the pump to get going again…By Dags

The there was the time I was standing in front of the pie shop when suddenly Yance jumped out of his bedroom window (he used to live in the main street above the jewellry shop)  followed by detective Humpherys running across the shop awnings then he jumped down onto the footpath and up the side lane.  they wanted him for the old charge of carnal knowledge,  he beat it when 6 other blokes spoke up as well (lovely girl was Betty);   Or when Barry Rossier held the unofficial time record for driving from Cronulla to Garie in Terry Stein’s old TE MG rag top; Wally Carle, Mr Wally Poly from Grays Point  loved putting VW  keys and insects in the middle of his fins (legend);  Barry Dack, had the first foam Scott Dillon board with a ‘nose fin’, it was white with a red half moon shape on the deck; Terry Mcintosh with a new ferris foam board, it was green, it started to bubble on the deck with the heat so he took to it with the neck of a broken beer bottle, slipped and nearly cut his arm off; Bob Davey with the first ‘bear suit’, they were discarded flying suit inners;   Fred Farmer, the first guy i ever heard about eating an apple while having sex (please confirm fred)  at Macs unit in Burke road. Yance being chased across the stage of Cronulla picture show while the movie was playing,   he was caught using a hand held air raid siren.  John Rhodes was the first guy in Cronulla convicted of using dope, his comment in the “Observer” was, “soon everyone will be using this”, the magistrate laughed at him (legend , again) … The Fox

Gary Birdsall and John Day

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