Bruce “The Fox” Hennessy

Posted: January 31, 2011 at 11:15 am

Bruce Hennessy alias The Fox started surfing, ie. riding a board, in 1959, he was 13 and used to knock off the boards the “clubbies” kept in the Nth Cronulla surf club.  A bloke named Terry Mcintosh taught him how to ride and he used to hang out with the ORIGINAL Cronulla gang at what is now known as South Cronulla . Brian Jackson and Nigel Dwyer were his mentors in the early days, Bruce went through all the eras of surfing and was lucky enough to have a great job at the sun-herald newspaper that gave him  heaps of time to surf   (thats where he met Graham Cassidy)  He worked at Jacko’s factory for nearly 12 years  and used to train at the gym with Frank Latta. Bruce saw the rise and fall of Northie’s  and worked on building sites with Bobby Brown (and blond bob as well) He is One of Cronulla’s original legends. Pic below of The Fox from Jackson Surfboards.

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