Bruce “The Fox” Hennessy

Posted: July 28, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Part of the  Jackson surfboard manufacturing team from way back in the day The Fox has seen and experienced much of Cronulla’s surfing history go down. Here’s one of his memories………..”4.30am on the morning of the first Bobby Brown contest in January ’68, I’m walking down the Kingsway and Midget Farelley blasts down the road in his ’55 ford customline only to be booked by the cops in front of the Elephant House, they reckon he was doing 100mph??  lost his licence for a while and then returned for the next contest in a new falcon gt, he burnt the back tyres off it in front of Daz Eastlakes surf shop, brilliant! (frustrated rocker)”. Photo of  The Fox courtesy Jackson Surfboards.

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